Isaiah is ONE!

We went to (our nephew) Isaiah's first birthday party this past weekend! Jude had never been to a birthday party before and I think he really enjoyed himself. There were several kids there and he loved watching a playing with them. Isaiah seemed to really enjoy himself as well. He devoured the cake, enjoyed opening his gifts and kissed a little girl. I think it was a pretty successful day for him. We look forward to many more birthday parties with the Starnes Family.
Look how our boys have grown!!


Isaiah: 3 months           Jude: 1 month

Isaiah: 4 months        Jude: 2 months

Jude: 3 months      Isaiah: 5 months

Isaiah: 1 year       Jude: 10 months


 Isaiah: 2 months          Jude: 1 week

Isaiah: 1 year          Jude: 10 months

We can't forget our newest little baby, Landon!!!

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